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Polytechnic Electronics Engineering Syllabus - BTEUP Diploma in Electronics Engineering Syllabus [Uttar Pradesh]

Diploma in Electronics Engineering is a Diploma level Electronics Engineering course. Electronics Engineering is a field of engineering that generally deals with the study and application of Micro electronics , biomedical devices, compurer , control ststems etc. It now covers a range of subtopics including power, electronics, control systems, signal processing and telecommunications. There are equally good opportunities for jobs in the Electronics Engineering industry and higher education.

Course Level Diploma
Duration 3 years
Examination Type Semester-wise
Admission Process Merit Based/ Entrance Exam Based
Course Fees INR 10,000 to INR 3,00,000.
Major Subjects 2 Microcontrollers and Embedded System, Optical Fiber Communication , Fundamentals of Computer and Information Technology , Concept of Programming Using C , Wireless and Mobile Communication System , Network Filters and Transmission Line , Microprocessor and Peripheral Devices , etc.
Top Colleges Jamia Millia Islamia University, KJ Somaiya Polytechnic, Central Polytechnic College, Swami Vivekananda Group of Institutions etc.

 List of Diploma Course Subjects in Electronics Engineering are related to various studies which play a major role in the creating development between electronic and IT world. Diploma course in Electronics Engineering has both main and elective subjects as part of the syllabus. Syllabus Subjects The course will cover the study of smart phones, music devices and computers. Electronics Engineers bring new innovations and developments in telecommunications, robotics, computing hardware, power and electrical equipment. Evaluating operations systems. In order to eliminate design malfunctions, he or she recommends design modifications. .

Semester Wise Diploma in Electronics Engineering Syllabus 2022

The Electronics Engineering course syllabus covers everything from the practical foundation of the subject to doping information and learning. Subjects in Diploma in Electronics Engineering aims to ensure that the students get an in-depth understanding of the subject. The Diploma in Electronics Engineering course aims to make sure that the students get important knowledge about the study of origin and development of the subject as well. Semester-wise Diploma Electronics Engineering subjects & code are given in the table below:

Diploma Electronics Engineering 1st semester Syllabus
Semester I code

Communication Skills-I


Applied Mathematics - I


Applied Physics – I


Applied Chemistry


Engineering Drawing-I


Engineering Mechanics and Materials


General Workshop Practice-I

Diploma Electronics Engineering 2nd semester Syllabus
Semester II code

Applied Mathematics - II


Applied Physics-II


Basics of Information Technology


Electrical Engineering -I


Electronic Components and Devices


General Workshop Practice-II

Diploma Electronics Engineering 3rd semester Syllabus
Semester III code

Applied Mathematics-III


Electrical Engineering -II


Environmental Studies


Electronic Devices and Circuits


Electronics Workshop


Digital Electronics


Universal Human Values

Diploma Electronics Engineering 4th semester Syllabus
Semester IV code

Communication Skills-II


Industrial Electronics and Transducers


Network Filters and Transmission Line


Electronic Instruments and Measurement


Principles of Communication Engineering


Energy Conservation

Diploma Electronics Engineering 5th semester Syllabus
Semester V code

Industrial Management & Entrepreneurship Development


Microprocessor and Peripheral Devices


Optical Fiber Communication


Consumer Electronics


Programming in C


Minor Project Work (This is Project Only)

Diploma Electronics Engineering 6th semester Syllabus
Semester VI code

Microwave Engineering


Microcontrollers and Embedded System


Wireless and Mobile Communication System




Major Project Work (This is Project Only.)

Diploma in Electronics Engineering Subjects 2022

The topics given below are of every specialization that the institutes have to offer to the students. Diplomas in Electronics Engineering disciplines of each specialization may also have unique curriculum principles. However, the typical format of Diploma in Electronics Engineering course remains the same for any specialization. To make the Diploma in Electronics Engineering course very flexible, students can choose the subjects to be offered for a duration of six semesters. Diploma in Electronics Engineering Syllabus PDF is also available on the website.

  • Network Filters and Transmission Line
  • Programming C
  • Principles of Communication Engineering
  • Microprocessor and Peripheral Devices

Diploma in Electronics Engineering Course Structure

The subject list of the course consists of both theory and practical papers and is divided into six semesters for 3 years each. Diploma in Electronics Engineering course is designed in such a way that both classroom training and practical are included in the course syllabus. The course structure is given below:

  • VI Semesters
  • Literary Theory and Practice
  • Core Subject
  • Elective Subjects

Diploma in Electronics Engineering Teaching Methodology and Techniques

The Diploma course of Electronics Engineering course takes into account various teaching techniques. Classroom learning includes practical sessions for students who are passionate about the subject. Here are the teaching methodologies and strategies:

  • Assignments
  • Following Course Module Books
  • Case studies/ Research Work
  • Internships

Diploma in Electronics Engineering Projects

Electronics Engineering course project topics are given to help the students to understand the concepts and gain practical experience about the syllabus. Projects must be completed and submitted by the end of the sixth semester. Some popular diploma Electronics Engineering projects are:

  • Circuit Breaker Using Password
  • Automatic Solar Tracker
  • Automatic Room Light Controller
  • PC-Based Home Automation
  • RFID-Based Door Access Control

Diploma in Electronics Engineering Reference Books

Diploma Electronics Engineering books are available both online and offline by many authors and publications. These books are made to gain a deeper understanding of the concepts. The books in this course vary according to the specialization. Some of the reference books for Diploma in Electronics Engineering subjects are:

Diploma Electronics Engineering Books



Data and Computer Communication

William Stallings, Pearson Education, New Delhi

Modern Electronics Equipment

y RS Khandpur; TMH, New Delhi

.Control System Engineering

y I. J Nagrath and M.Gopal; New Age International Publishers.

Fundamentals of Microprocessor and Microcontroller

,y B. Ram , Dhanpat Rai Publications

Embedded Systems

Architecture, Programming, Design, by Kamal, R. Tata McGraw Hill, New Delhi

Major Subjects

Asian Publishers and Bharat Bharti / Sarthak Publications / Bharat Bharti / nageen Prakashan

Programming in C

BPB Publications, New Delhi

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